SCHOOLMARM WOOD PUBLICATIONS: Vignettes from The Hidden Words by Bahá’u’lláh


Verses of God took us 5 years to produce and left us creatively exhausted by the time the master disc was burned which is why it took over a year to even consider doing another DVD project. Both Praise Be to God and Verses of God were planned from the outset when we decided to make devotional video DVD’s. We had no plans beyond them, mostly because we were not sure how well they would be received. We just knew we had to do them.

The Hidden Words was the second book Steve was given when he was introduced to the Faith over forty years ago. It instantly became his favorite. So succinct yet unfathomably deep. He has read it innumerable times because it never ceases to touch something in him that was not touched in previous readings. During his last reading, he was struck by a number of themes that ran through the book. He had been vaguely aware of some of them, but this time they just leaped off the page; and he knew what the source of the new devotional series had to be. The process of making these videos normally runs in fits and starts as life has a way of interfering with their production. On average it takes an hour or more just in the video editing process to produce one minute of video. Then there are countless hours spent recording the readings and searching for the right music followed by engineering the soundtracks. Each of the Verses of God devotions took about three months to complete with breaks between each one to recharge. And that doesn’t include the extensive travel to add to the library of photos and videos. The entire Vignettes project, by comparison, flowed so quickly and smoothly that we completed it in just a little over six weeks, feeling refreshed and energized when it was done.

Those of you who are familiar with our previous DVD’s will note that Vignettes is different in several respects. To start with, the individual devotions are brief, like the passages that are their source. One is just a minute long. Most are between two and three minutes. Unlike Praise Be to God and Verses of God, we did not use very many “Bahá’í” images. We decided at the outset to make this series one that non-Bahá’ís could appreciate without the distraction of wondering what this place or that building’s significance was. In short, we tried to make them a more universally accessible experience. We also found ourselves indulging in a little whimsey with one of them. It’s something we’ve never quite felt was the right thing to do in a devotion. Joy, however, demanded a lighter touch. A piece of music we’ve had for years, but never thought we could use because it wasn’t very “devotional”, set the tone. A single video clip that simply exudes joy complimented the readings to create this delight. On the other hand Martyrdom, became a piece that had a surprisingly strong emotional impact for us, and has deepened our understanding of this great bounty that has been bestowed on the Báb’s and Bahá’u’lláh’s followers, especially Their Persian ones.

Vignettes is composed of 18 devotions and runs about 45 minutes. You can play the entire series as a single movie or access individual devotions as you wish via a menu. As in all our devotional DVD’s, the credits are accessed by clicking on a separate menu item so as not to intrude on the spiritual atmosphere created by the devotions.

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