Verses of God

Nineteen devotional videos inspired by the themes

suggested by the Badí Calendar

The Verses of God DVD is a three and a half hour movie composed of 19 devotions formatted so that one can watch the devotions one after the other or select a specific devotion from the menu to watch. Each devotion ends with a three second delay before the next one begins, allowing you to stop playback after the devotion. As is standard on all our devotional video DVD’s, the credits are a separate menu item to avoid intruding on the atmosphere created by the devotions.

While Verses of God is appropriate for Feasts, one should bear in mind that its devotional programs are not an official or required liturgy for Feasts. They are simply an option we have made available to enrich the devotional experience at all kinds of meetings where devotions are desired, whether they be held in your home, at your Baha'i Center, at Holy Day Observances, conventions, conferences, etc. In essence then, Verses of God can be used any time a devotional program is desired, even if the only person present is yourself.

The extensive use of images of the Bahá'í World Center, Holy Places, and Houses of Worship in these video devotions, often stimulates questions by those who are not yet familiar with the Faith arising from their spiritual experience of the devotion. This can lead to discussions about the Faith. Verses of God, Praise Be to God, and Vignettes from the Hidden Words by Bahá’u’lláh can all be used as teaching tools that touch the heart, complimenting The Light of Unity's approach that is aimed primarily at satisfying the seeker's need for information about the Faith. Using a mix of all these video programs at Firesides and public meetings, gives the planners of these events lots of options to keep their programs fresh and engaging.


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