Publishing our videos on YouTube caused us to reformat all 51 of our videos to its widescreen format to get them to look right on its platform. As Praise Be to God was our first devotional DVD and nearly ten years old, its videos needed the most work and we just couldn’t abide offering the same old DVD, especially when we had to redo two of its videos for various reasons, not the least of which was to avoid a newly discovered copyright issue.

In late 2016, while watching the special features on the 25th anniversary DVD of Ken Burns’ Civil War epic, we discovered that we, like almost everyone else, had incorrectly believed the theme music, Ashokan Farewell, was a traditional tune in the public domain. It had, however, been written for the film and was therefore definitely not in the public domain. So we knew we had to change the music for The Rose of Love, which meant re-recoding the narration, which meant we needed to retime the images to the new soundtrack, many of which we felt needed to be upgraded, so we just redid the whole thing from scratch as a new video and that is what is now on this DVD and on our YouTube channel.

When we put together The Twin Holy Birthdays DVD last year, we decided it was time to join the 21st century and go to widescreen format for all our future videos. The wisdom of this decision was made abundantly clear when we began uploading our videos to YouTube. The old format looked very dated. We had already decided to include The Tablet of Visitation for the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh video from this DVD in the new project, but because it was in the old “square TV” format and looked “tired” compared to this new video, we decided to upgrade it. We even went so far as to record a new soundtrack, but found it just wasn’t as good as the original so we kept that, but, because we now had much better images from our 2011 pilgrimage to the Bahá’í World Center, we decided to redo its visuals and that is what is on this new version of the Praise Be to God DVD.

You can watch all the videos as a single one hour movie or you can click on any specific video to watch it, but be aware that play will continue on to the rest of the videos unless you stop play. There is a four second pause between videos to facilitate doing that. As with all our devotional DVDs, the credits for all the devotions are a separate video so as not to intrude on the devotional atmosphere, but it will play as the final video if you let the program run to the end.

Appropriate for Feasts, devotions held in your home or at your Baha'i Center, Holy Day Observances, conventions, and conferences, to name a few common venues, the programs on Praise Be to God can be used any time a devotional program is desired. They also make excellent programs to show at public meetings and Firesides, especially City of Certitude (drawn from the Tablet of the True Seeker). Their extensive use of images from the Bahá'í World Center and Holy Places, as well as the Houses of Worship, usually stimulate questions that can lead to discussions arising from the viewer's spiritual experience with the devotion. In essence, then, Praise Be to God can be used as a teaching tool that touches the heart, complimenting The Light of Unity's more informational approach that is aimed at satisfying the seeker's curiosity.

Using the devotions from Praise Be to God, Verses of God, or Vignettes from the Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh, either with The Light of Unity or alone, at Firesides and public meetings, gives the planners of these events many options to keep their programs fresh.

To take a look at the videos on the Praise Be to God DVD

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A Pure HeartBroken-Winged BirdCity of CertitudeLove Is...

The Rose of LoveThe Work of a Bahá'íThe Tablet of Ahmad

The Tablet of CarmelThe Tablet of Visitation for 'Abdu'l-Bahá

The Tablet of Visitation for the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh

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