A Celebration for the Ridván Festival

The second in our series of Holy Day Observance devotional DVD’s, The King of Festivals is a 29 minute program designed for use during the Ridván Festival. Composed of readings from Tablets by Bahá’u’lláh and talks and a Tablet by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá regarding Ridván, it is appropriate at any observance during the 12 days, but especially on any or all of the three designated Holy Days of Ridván.

As with The Twin Holy Birthdays DVD, this is designed for celebrating a specific Holy Day observance, or in this case three Holy Days. Of course, one can watch it any time one wishes. Also, because observances of the Bahá’í Holy Days are attended by people who may not be very familiar with the Faith, we have taken a moment at the beginning to set the event in its historical context without delivering a treatise on Bahá’í history. Please also remember that this is not a required part of an observance of the Ridván Holy Days or any other occasion. It is simply an option that those planning these observances can use to add something special to their program.

As in all our devotional DVD’s, the credits are accessed by a separate menu item to avoid intruding on the atmosphere created by the devotion.

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