Originally, all the Hubble ArtPrints by calligrapher Randall Dighton, the Nature ArtPrints and ArtPrintCards were available only as individual prints. This was because the state of the average home printer couldn’t meet the professional quality of our in house large format printer and we just couldn’t abide having mediocre prints of the Writings hanging on walls.

Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Packaging and shipping our prints took a lot of effort to make sure they arrived in the same condition as when they came out of the printer. We have put the 8 X 10 Hubble ArtPrints and Nature ArtPrints, and the ArtPrintCards on one DVD-ROM disc so you can print your own copies any time you want as often as you wish.

Both ArtPrint collections have quotes from the Bahá’í Writings. The Cards come with or without quotes from The Hidden Words. The Healing Prayer Cards have the first part of the Short Healing Prayer inscribed on the face. All Cards come in two sizes: standard greeting card (full sheet, folded in half) and note card (half sheet, folded in half). Also included are occasion greetings (birthdays, Ayyam-i-Ha, anniversaries, etc.) that can be printed on the inside. You can also print the entire short Healing Prayer on the top inside half, leaving room for your personal note on the lower half. Of course, you can leave the inside of any card blank to write your own message if you’d rather.

All the ArtPrints are provided in three formats: Adobe Reader PDF, Photoshop PSD, and JPEG. The ArtPrintCards are all Adobe Reader PDF files, oriented to print automatically as cards. All you have to do is open a file and print it. A “Read Me First” document gives suggestions to help you get the best finished result.

Below is a representative sampling of the ArtPrints and ArtPrintCards on the DVD.

ArtPrints & Cards DVD: $9.00 INCLUDING SHIPPING

One Disc

12 Hubble ArtPrints

14 Nature ArtPrints

68 ArtPrintCards

Ready to print yourself as often

and as many times as you want